Episode 3 – Max Reuben

Listen Here Subscribe Here Alex talks to Max about revisiting earlier plays, theatre outside of New York City, creating through devising, directing new plays, teaching playwriting, and lessons from his favorite plays to teach. Max reads from a play currently in development. Website:

Episode 2 – Winter Miller

Listen Here Subscribe Here Alex talks to Winter about her uniquely feminist childhood, her journey to playwriting from acting and journalism, and challenging oneself to practice empathy at every moment and write for broader audiences. Katharine Heller and Hilary Asare read an excerpt from Winter's play In Darfur. Website: Plays:

Coming Soon! Podcast!

I'm starting a podcast! It's called "Playwright to Playwright: Conversations with Artists about Theatre, Process, and General Life." In it, I'll be sitting down with writers ranging from emerging to established to help introduce them to a larger audience. And they share a sample of their writing at the end! The show has just been [...]