I’m Bad at This Updates Thing (Past Readings)

Putting on a benefit reading recently has made me realize how poor I have been in maintaining my website. I suppose I thought a true update would be a production of some sorts, but while no productions have occurred, I have had readings with many talented folks, and figure I may as well document them. Even just for my own sake. And so, here are the two readings of two plays that I am very proud of and hope one day could see the light of day. You could also read on them on New Play Exchange

Dean of Students

a modern adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s The Master Builder

May 1, 2018 @ the Chain Theatre

On the eve of Alumni Weekend at a New England prep school, the long-time and beloved dean of students is being honored with a building dedicated in his name. However, as more stories of sexual misconduct at the school begin to surface, he becomes more convinced that the young are coming for him and the old guard. When he is surprised by the return of a former student, old wounds are reopened, and he is forced to choose whether he can live with who he truly is.

Directed by Ella Jane New

Produced by Blaire O’Leary

Performed by Alan I. Ross, Susan McDonald, Lucie Fleming, Christina Elise Perry, Jean Patrick Simeon, Greg Seel, and Stephen Singer

Allies / Masters

January 29, 2019 @ the Chain Theatre

At a graduate acting school in New York City, the male students of an all-white class are called to a meeting to discuss their failure to support their female classmates in protesting their Shakespeare project: “Othellowith the title character played by a white man. It does not go well. A week later, the department heads are called to a faculty meeting to discuss what happened and determine the feature of the school.

Directed by Daniella Caggiano

Produced by Blaire O’Leary

Performed by Varak Baronian, Conor Bell, Andrew Dobbie, Doug Harris, Karsten Otto, Lee Collins, Nathaniel Basch-Gould, Alison Chace, Linus Gelber, Starr Kirkland, Jeremy McClelland, David Moo, Kristi Ng, Julia Ryan, Ben Schrager, and Moira Stone

I was also one of the writers for Exquisite Corpse Company’s Site”-Specific performances on March 28, 2020 and May 22, 2020.

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